Posted:03 Jul 2011

Two new Robin Rowland awards

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YANG Xiao Lin(right) from Fu Ping Development Institute presents a Robin Rowland award to Mr. Yue Yiping in front of his office.

Mr.YUE Yiping is the 38-year-old Founder and President of Spring Shoot Melon cooperative in Suning county, Hebei province.
SuNing county includes 6 towns, 3 villages with a population of 330,000. The county is a traditional agriculture base of Hebei province. The per capita income of local farmers is only around 5711 RMB (£570). 
Reason for the award:
Mr.Yue is a rural community leader who dedicates himself to improve living standards of local farmers. In 2005, Mr. Yue left his job in the city and went back to his hometown. After thorough research and discussion with local farmers, he decided to introduce melon planting to the village.  He provided free training and market information to local farmers.  By 2011, more than 2,000 families from 45 villages are planting melon, the melon farmers’ income has increased over 160 RMB per acre. 
Mr.Yue was inspired and encouraged by the farmers in Japan during the study tour last year organized by Fuping and GLI. After coming back to China, together with members of cooperative, Yue built up 40 greenhouses as experimental labs to grow organic melon.
The Robin Rowland Award will be used on organic melon plant training.

Ms. BAO Xuri from Fuping Development Institute presents a Robin Rowland Award to Mr.Sun.
Mr.SUN Shen is also known as “China Pear King”. Mr. Sun currently serves as General Manager of Pear Production and Sales Cooperative in Zhangziying county, a suburb of Beijing.
Reason for the award:
Sun led the local farmers to practice organic planting methodology and technology and promote the conception of farming for trust and face-to-face connection with the consumers.Sun started to grow pears in 2003. With two years of dedicated practice, he successfully cultivated new species of pear and made his breakthrough in planting organic pears. Growing pears organically is considered to be very difficult even in Europe or Japan. As General Manager of the local Cooperative Sun developed training course to help the local farmers to master the technology.  Sun participated in the study tour to Japan last year. He is very honored to receive an award from the founder of GLI, the organization that makes the exchange possible. The award will be used to provide training on organic farming to the local farmers.

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